When you fall in love with something, it becomes the focus of your existence. Since 1997 we have been obsessively perfecting every detail of our craft. What does that say about our radiator covers? We certainly think you'll be happy with them!


We take great pride in the fact that all of our products are made in New York State. We are bringing manufacturing back to the US and into the 21st century by combining our talented team and our advanced manufacturing platform. All of the materials that go into our radiator covers come from local businesses, some are even just a short drive away.


If it's not worth doing correctly. It's not worth doing at all. We don't stock parts, we don't have stock sizes. Everything we do is about doing the best we can for each individual customer.


What can you say about a person that has made his life's work the development of an advanced manufacturing platform that only makes radiator covers? Well Erran Fichman obviously takes your radiator cover problem pretty seriously.