Baseboard Radiator Covers by Fichman Furniture
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Baseboard Radiator Covers
Made in USA
If you have hot water or steam baseboard radiators, we can help you! Electric radiators should never be covered because they can be a fire hazard.

You can order any style of our radiator covers to fit your baseboard radiators. We take our attractive designs and our designers adjust the proportions of the design so that it looks amazing in its petite size!

Cute baseboard radiator cover in an apartment
Shaker Baseboard Radiator Cover with Windsor Screen.

A long baseboard radiator cover in the corner of a renovated home
A long Shaker Baseboard Radiator Cover with Windsor Screen in a corner.

Hallway radiator cover over a baseboard
New England Baseboard Radiator Cover with an access door. Note that there is no lower recessed panel on shorter New England covers.