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Pets love our radiator covers too
Made in USA
We are declaring that pets love our Radiator Covers. We're not quite at the point where we are going to hire a third party to confirm our findings. That being said, in our experience our Radiator Covers are as popular with pets as they are with people! Here we present our evidence for your review. Please send us photos of your happy pets and we'll be happy to add them!

Kitty sitting on a wooden Back Bay radiator cover in New York.
Keeping a watchful eye on any birds that may need tending to. Back Bay Cover with Cloverleaf Screen.

Holiday decorating with a radiator cover and a cute dog in New Hampshire.
This little guy is literally glowing with joy from our Rad Covers! Manhattan Baseboard Radiator Cover with Mission Grill.

Cat keeping warm on a radiator cover.  Staten Island NY
When your kitty isn't sure if it's about to be Tuna o'clock. Manhattan Cover with Mission Grill.

Montclair NJ cat is taking a nap on a radiator cover.
Who doesn't wish they could sleep this soundly? Manhattan Cover with Mission Grill.

A pair of cats enjoying the warmth of a radiator in San Francisco, CA
There's always room for a friend on Caturday. Manhattan Cover with Mission Grill

A cute puppy cozying up next to a radiator cover.
This adorable little guy can't wait for you to go out so he can eat your shoes. New England with Access Door on Front Panel.