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PTAC Covers
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Many customers use our radiator covers to cover things other than radiators! There are many different manufacturers, types, styles and configurations for these types of units. We have a lot of successful experience in making our covers work for these units, but it is important that our customers be aware of any manufacturer guidelines or requirements for covering their specific PTAC unit that would be found in your owners manual (or by contacting the manufacturer directly). While we'll do our best to help with ordering, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the design of the cover is appropriate for the unit it is covering (hazards could include damaging the PTAC system or perhaps worse).

Measuring guidelines for PTAC units are generally the same as our standard radiator cover measuring instructions. Start by measuring the length, height, and depth of the unit and then adding 1" of clearance in all 4 directions to allow the unit to comfortably fit on the inside of the cabinet. In most cases, it is ok to make these measurements larger if a larger cabinet is desired, but we should consider any impact that this may have on air re-circulation inside of the cover. Too much added space on the inside of the cover may prevent an efficient transfer of air out the top of the cover and into your room.

Air Circulation
The top panel of our covers will need to be properly configured to ensure that there is venting which is appropriate in size and location to allow air to transfer properly. At minimum we will ask you for length x depth of the existing vents, as well as distance from left side to left edge and rear wall to back edge. This will also be the case for any access door for control panels on the top of the unit. It is usually very helpful for you to send us a picture so that we can provide additional measuring guidance here.

When we modify our radiator cover designs to be compatible for PTAC units, it is important to allow for both intake air flow (typically found front of unit near floor) as well as discharge air flow (typically at the top of the unit). All of our radiator cover styles have some amount of reveal at the floor, however, this can be modified to increase the amount of air flow needed as necessary or desired. Additionally, all of our styles can be configured with openings and access doors on the top panel at additional cost. We strongly encourage the use of adhesive foam to seal and separate intake and discharge air flow.

To get a quote started, let us know length x height x depth measurements of the existing PTAC units as well as the style you are interested in. If you are able to send a picture of the units we can advise if there are any additional measurements or considerations that may need to be addressed.