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Covers for Recessed Radiators
Made in USA
Our radiator covers work just as well for recessed radiators as they do for cast iron radiators (as long as they are powered by hot water or steam). We recommend ordering them with at least a minimal depth so they still have a top and sides. It makes it easier to install them and in our opinion they look far better. Like all of our covers, we recommend attaching them to the wall.

Very cool tiled bathroom with cover for recessed radiator
Back Bay Radiator Cover with Cloverleaf Screen

Whether you have a recess in your drywall or just a recessed radiator slightly protruding from the wall, for the cleanest look we generally recommend covering the entirety of what is there. Follow our standard radiator cover measuring instructions, but measure the entirety of the area instead of just the radiator. Because of the low profile nature of these covers, you may choose to have no overhang on the top panel of the cover and have the baseboards trimmed flush with the sides of the radiator cover. It would be prudent to not make any permanent cuts to your moldings until after the cover arrives. Please reach out to use for any guidance!

Dining room with recessed radiator covered to match wall trim in Norfolk, VA
New England Radiator Cover

Wall Brackets
Our wall brackets are ideal for this scenario to prevent a tip hazard because they rigidly hold the cover against the wall. Depending on how your measurements turned out and what other factors are surrounding your radiator (like a window above or beside), we may have to adjust your measurements to accommodate the wall brackets. You may need to add 1.5" to the left and right of the radiator (instead of the standard 1") to accomodate the wall brackets. The wall brackets require 2" - 3" of vertical clearance above the radiator to be able to drop the cover onto the brackets.

Recessed radiator covered with cheap radiator cover painted white in Chicago, IL
New England Radiator Cover

Send us photos!
As always, we welcome you to send us photos of your situation and we'll be happy to provide assistance!

Locally made cover for recessed radiator in Rochester, NY
Chestnut Hill Radiator Cover with Windsor Screen

traditional radiator cover mady for heritage home
Chestnut Hill Radiator Cover with Windsor Screen