Covering Radiators in Special or Complicated Situations by Fichman Furniture
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Covering Radiators in Special or Complicated Situations
Made in USA
We put up this page to address two situations.

The impossible to cover radiator:
We get it. Your house may have been built before the Internet, cable TV, telephones, plumbing or even electricity. Your house outlived Blockbuster, Sears and the Yellowpages. In its decades of life, some radiators were placed in some locations that may have made sense during or before the Prohibition era. Send us a photo. We promise to at least look and commiserate!

You only need a few parts from us for a project you're working on:
You or your contractor are working on a vision and only need a few parts, or customized parts. Due to how we are set up and the type of equipment we use, we have some limited flexibility in what we can offer, but let us know what you are looking for and hopefully we can make something work!

By the nature of the potential complexity of both of these situations, you or your contractor will need to be willing and able to do some finish cutting or installation when the radiator cover shows up. Remember that our machines are all built to be square and true, but there's a good chance wherever it is going to be installed is not square or true!

Custom radiator cover in the corner of a New Jersey kitchen
New England Cover on an outside corner

Long custom corner radiator cover made for an apartment in Camden, CT
Manhattan Cover with Mission Grill on an inside corner

Beautiful custom radiator cover with cutouts for moldings in Portsmouth, VA
Manhattan Cover with Mission Grill with no overhang on back and various cutouts

Classic style radiator cover would match Restoration Hardware style furniture in Baltimore, MD
Back Bay Radiator Cover with Windsor Screen and enclosed feet

Custom wood radiator cabinet with marble top in Cambridge, MA
Back Bay Cover with Grecian Screen, Lafayette feet and various other customizations. Customer sourced their own marble top.

Radiator cover panel made to order for an apartment in New York
Back Bay front panel with Grecian Screen adapted to fit a window shelf.

A radiator cover that spans two steps is a very difficult but impressive customization
Shaker radiator cover that spans two steps