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Use of Radiator Cover as a PTAC Cover

Fichman Furniture is a precision mill work company and not a HVAC company. Our customer service representatives offer a wealth of experience in designing all types of enclosures, but cannot possibly know the nuances of every brand, make, and model of PTAC/HVAC that are in circulation. We are able to make recommendations based on experience and widely accepted industry guidelines, however, it is ultimately our customers who decide that design specifications and measurements are appropriate for their own unique circumstances.

Fichman Furniture is not responsible for adverse impacts such as loss of air flow, moisture buildup, or mold associated with covering a PTAC or HVAC unit. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the enclosure that they order is appropriate for the unit that it is intended to cover, and that it meets the manufacturer's guidelines for enclosing their particular PTAC or HVAC unit.

Fine Print

By accessing this website you agree to properly install all furniture and radiator covers in a manner that is safe and abides by all local codes. For maximum safety, all cabinets and radiator covers should be attached to the wall so that they do not pose a tip hazard. Please check with a local contractor if you are unsure if you should do this or unsure of the manner to do so. Keep heavy items and items that may attract kids off of cabinets and radiator covers so children will not attempt to climb them. For more information visit We accept no responsibility for failure to do so.

Our radiator covers are designed to be safe with water/boiler based radiator systems. Please check with the manufacturer of your heating system to ensure that it is safe to cover your radiators with a radiator cover that is primarily made of wood.

Our radiator covers are not designed to cover any other heating systems, or air conditioning units.

All contents of this website including but not limited to user experience, touch and feel, colors, logos, text, photos, diagrams, codes, scripts, pricing, and design are the property of Fichman Furniture and may not be reproduced without written consent. Our designs, look and the feel of our cabinetry are all trade marks of Fichman Furniture and may not be reproduced or imitated without written consent.

This website's intended audience is the continental US and Canada.

Our website, pricing, materials used, and other aspects of our business are subject to change at any time with no prior notice.