All of our measurements are in inches. The measurements you provide us with are the interior of the radiator cover. Beyond the interior dimensions you provide, the radiator cover's top has an overhang of 1" on all four sides (front, back, left and right) and the wood we use is 3/4" thick. When confirming your order, the website will provide you with three sets of measurements:

Interior Dimensions: as you entered them

Overall Dimensions: length, height and depth of the cover at its widest points

Footprint: this will be how much floor space the radiator cover will require

In some situations, you may want to request to not have an overhang, or to shorten an overhang to make a radiator cover fit in a tight space.

Orientation: When describing the radiator cover all instructions must be oriented from the perspective of facing the radiator cover. For example when requesting pipe cutouts or other special instructions regarding overhangs.

Radiator Cover Dimensions - Front View

Radiator Cover Dimensions - Side View

Measure the overall length of your radiator including any valves and pipes. Round this number up to the nearest inch, then add 2 inches. In the example in Figure 1, the radiator is 48.25" long, so round up to 49" and add 2 inches, giving a length of 51". This will be the interior length of your radiator cover.

Tip: Radiator covers look best when they are centered under a window. Sometimes it's a good idea to order the cover a little longer than your radiator to center it below the window.

Measuring the radiator cover's length

Measure from the floor up to the highest point of your radiator including any valves and pipes. Round this number up to the nearest inch, then add 1 inch. In the example in Figure 2, the radiator is 36.75" in height, so round up to 37" and add 1 inch, giving a height of 38". This will be the interior height of your radiator cover.

Measuring the radiator cover's height

Measure from the front of your baseboard to the front of the radiator, including any valves and pipes, round up and add one inch. In the example in Figure 3, the radiator is 9.5" deep, so round up to 10" and add 1 inch, giving a depth of 11". This will be the interior depth of your radiator cover.

Measuring the radiator cover's depth

Style and Other Options

These options will let you tailor the look of your radiator covers to match your personal style and the look of your existing furniture and the architectural character of your home.

Choose your favorite screen pattern - your screen choice does not affect the price of the radiator cover.

Example of our Grecian Radiator Cover Screens and Mesh that are available for sale with or without our Radiator Enclosures

Grecian: The Grecian Pattern Screen is a contemporary and modern screen. Constructed of high quality USA origin steel.

Example of our Cloverleaf Radiator Cover Screens and Mesh that are available for sale with or without our Radiator Enclosures

Cloverleaf: The Cloverleaf Pattern Screen has a playful and classic look. Constructed of high quality USA origin steel.

Example of our Windsor Radiator Cover Screens and Mesh that are available for sale with or without our Radiator Enclosures

Windsor: The Windsor Pattern Screen is the most traditional and geometric screen. Constructed of high quality USA origin steel.

Example of our Mission Grill on a Radiator Cover

Mission: A high quality recessed wooden grill that is reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Example of our wooden Metro Grill on a custom radiator cover

Metro: A high quality wooden grill that is flush to the surface.

We paint our radiator covers with high quality industrial coatings that result in a “baby skin” smooth and silky finish that you would expect to find on a high quality piece of furniture. The finish is extremely durable and difficult to scratch or stain under normal household use. All of the finishes have a satin sheen.

Super White (Benjamin Moore PM-1): Our white option is a brilliant and clean white.

Cloud White (Benjamin Moore OC-130): An interior designer favorite, Cloud White has a shade of ivory to add a touch of warmth to the color.

Primer Only: Our primer option allows you to paint the cover in any color you choose at home. The radiator cover will be primed by us in our high quality primer. We then sand the primer to ensure the best possible finish for you. As soon as you get the cover, you can put your paint brush right to it! Our primer is compatible with all latex or oil based paints. The primer only option is discounted $10.

Other Non-Stock Color: We can match our furniture lacquer to match almost any color manufactured by any major brand including Benjamin Moore, Behr, PARA, CIL, Ralph Lauren and so on. To order your radiator cover in any custom color not offered in our catalog, simply order the cover and provide us with the color name, code/number and brand. A setup fee of $175 per color applies, in addition to $50 per cover.

The Multipanel top adds panel openings in the top of the cover with the same Screen Pattern as selected for the rest of the radiator cover. The Multipanel top is recommended for a radiator cover that will be under a window and sandwiched behind a couch or other furniture. The price of this upgrade varies with the size and style of your cover.

Multipanel top option for Radiator Cabinets

For easy access to valves or other things inside the radiator cover, we offer these handy access doors! The doors close flush with the surface of the radiator cover and there is no hinge visible when it is closed. Doors can be ordered on any panel, including the top, left, right or front. To open the door they come with a finger pull by default or you can choose a pre-drilled hole for a knob (not included), or choose to have nothing at all. For more information on how to order an access door, please see "Access Doors" on the top left of this page under the heading "SPECIAL CUTOUTS." Available at checkout for $50.

Access door for easy access to valves on radiators

If your floor has settled since your home was built, foot levelers may be a simple solution to ensure your radiator cover stands firmly. These work best on a floor that sinks as you move further from the wall. The levelers screw into the radiator cover's two front feet and are easily adjustable by hand. All hardware is included. Available at checkout for $15.

To help with installation, we designed our own quick release wall hardware that is available at checkout for $12. The hardware screws into the wall and has a matching bracket that attaches to the inside of the radiator cover. The hardware allows easy and tool-less removal of the cover when necessary, however when in place it holds the cover to prevent it from tipping over. This will mount on any radiator cover sold by us provided there is at least 1" clearance above the cover (beware of window sills, etc). Recessed radiators that are embedded in the wall (not the traditional free standing units) will need some special consideration - aside from the standard of adding 1" in height to your radiator and 2" in length, you'll have to add an additional 2" in length (a total of 4" added to interior length and 1" added to interior height).

Wall hardware to fasten radiator covers to the wall

We also have anti-tip furniture straps that are commonly available for furniture. They allow the radiator cover to tip until the strap catches it and prevents it from actually tipping over. The straps are constructed of a steel cable and solid steel fasteners and include all installation hardware and instructions. The set is so strong, it only needs a single cable attached at the approximate middle of the radiator cover to the wall. They are $10 per set.

We strongly recommend testing your installation on a periodic basis to ensure it is still secure and reliable.