Fichman Furniture and Radiator Covers

Back Bay Style Radiator Cover, as seen in Manhattan, New York
Starting at: $299.99 Special $274.99

Manhattan Style Radiator Covers as seen in Long Island, New York
Starting at: $199.99 Special $179.99

Stylish and Inexpensive Custom Radiator Covers seen in Brooklyn, New York
Starting at: $249.99 Special $229.99

Shaker style Radiator Covers seen in Washington, DC
Starting at: $199.99 Special $174.99

Inexpensive Radiator Covers in Chicago, IL
Starting at: $199.99 Special $149.99

Lafayette Style Radiator Covers seen in Pittsburgh, PA
Starting at: $249.99 Special $229.99

Living in a home of heritage vintage likely means that you have radiators! While radiators can be old and ugly, they are our favorite type of heat. They are quiet, comfortable and provide such warmth and comfortable heat. Not only are radiator covers beautiful, they come with other necessary benefits. With radiator covers, you can cover that old and ugly radiator and keep little hands away from layers of old chipping paint that may contain lead.

Our Radiator Covers are all custom made to your specifications and we provide measuring assistance nationwide! We have covered thousands of radiators across the United States and Canada. Do you think your radiator might be difficult to cover? Give us a call, we are the experts!