Fichman Furniture Radiator Covers #NEWSFEED

April 07, 2020
Going for a specific look, or trying to match your radiator covers to you walls or other furniture? You can order your radiator covers in any custom color! Simply add the Custom Color add-on to your shopping cart, and then select custom as the color choice for every radiator you’d like to be painted that color! *Note that custom colors are an additional charge per order and cover.* #interiordesign #radiatorcovers #fichmanfurniture #brooklyn #nyc #chicago #newyorkcity #parkslope #boston #washingtondc #babyproofing #renovations

April 05, 2020
Going a little bit stir crazy indoors? Try not to forget the things you would normally do to refresh your home for Springtime - rearrange some furniture, tend to plants new and old and swap out seasonal decor. Tasks like these can help spark some creativity and bring you joy when you look around your home. Stay safe and love your home! #nyc #madeinnewyork #smallbusiness #usamade #newyorkstrong #brooklyn #connecticut #boston #oldhomelove #prewar #radiatorcover #fichmanfurniture #chicago #oakpark #longisland #washingtondc #georgetown #northernva #babyproofing

April 03, 2020
Looking to refresh your view? Adding a radiator cover below a window really brightens up the whole space, plus it adds new surface area for decorations! Watch our how-to videos on and learn how to measure and order from home today! #fichmanfurniture #oldhomelove #radiatorcovers #apartmentliving #nyc #brooklyn #chicago #boston #philadelphia #pittsburgh #washingtondc #richmondva #childsafety #cityviews

April 01, 2020
Looking for a stay-at-home project to spruce up your indoor space? We’re committed to making the beauty and peace of mind of Radiator Covers - once considered an exclusive and hard to source luxury home addition - easy and accessible to anyone with radiators, baseboard heaters or PTAC units in their home! Our Unfinished Radiator Cover kits are available online through Lowes, and from our store on Amazon (make sure to select only “Fichman Furniture” as the seller)! These kits come in 12 fixed sizes to fit around the most common radiators, and are sold unpainted with a flat grill which is easy to paint at home to match or accent your home! These kits are pre-drilled and include all assembly hardware for easy installation. Since these covers are not custom, they ship quickly within a few business days. *** Please note that this pictured cover has been painted and is for demonstration purposes only - all Unfinished Radiator Cover Kits purchased through Lowes or Amazon will arrive unpainted. *** #radiatorcover #homeimprovement #renovation #lowes #amazonhome #springrefresh #homestaging #nyc #brooklyn #chicago #boston #longisland #newengland #washingtondc #philadelphia #buffalo #pittsburgh #propertymanagement #homeproject

March 23, 2020
Now more than ever, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting American manufacturing. When you support us, you are supporting our small community and a long chain of local suppliers - our paint, wood, hardware, metal screens are all sourced in the USA and help to keep our economy strong.

At Fichman Furniture, our number one priority is taking care of each other. We believe in taking care of our customers no matter what, and we take care of our employees exactly the same way. As a small business, our team is like a family and their safety, comfort and well-being is our #1 priority.

With the recent COVID-19 health crisis, we made the decision several days ago to have our measuring and customer support teams work from home, and as of today our shop team will be staying home temporarily, with a plan to return in smaller shifts soon once we can ensure they are protected doing so. We will also be closely monitoring and following local, state, and federal guidelines as this is a quickly evolving situation. As a high tech woodworking facility, safety is always our top priority. We operate in a large facility with significant distance between each worker and strict safety and hygiene policies, including protective equipment and shop sanitation.

Since we custom craft each of our covers right here at our facility, this unfortunately means any pending or future orders will experience a small delay as we slow things down to ensure our team is working in a safe and protected manner. Rest assured that once it is safe to do so, we will do whatever we reasonably can to fulfill your orders in a timely manner.

We understand that many of you are covering your radiators to keep small children safe from exposed pipes, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. You may also be looking to make your home more beautiful, which is so important at a time like this. Our design, measuring, and support team are still available for help with measuring, ordering, or updates via phone or email. You may still design, quote and order radiator covers right from the comfort of your home!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and support of us, our families and our communities in these unprecedented times. To all of you - please stay safe and kind!

Anchor your furniture to the wall for your child's safety!