Starting at $419.99

Named after the Boston neighborhood which inspired its design. The Back Bay radiator cover is both one of our most popular models and our most traditional. Featuring our finest and most decorative moldings, details and accents, this model is expertly crafted for homes of distinct architectural heritage.

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Starting at $284.99

Just as its name implies, this radiator cover is a classic for the traditional New England home. Its short feet, solid lower panel, and solid side panels make it a favorite for safety conscious parents that are looking to protect their children from as much of the hot radiator as possible.

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Starting at $354.99

For those seeking a radiator cover that is compatible with a transitional interior decor, you will find comfort in our Chestnut Hill model. Based on traditional elements and cues that are toned down to be less expressive or bold yet more subtle and classy.

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Starting at $299.99

Named after the movement that is the inspiration for its design, our Shaker model offers a distinctive clean and simple look that offers quality, value and functionality.

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Starting at $299.99

Our Manhattan radiator cover was designed to bridge the gap between living in a space that has heritage features like radiators, yet the interior decor leans more to a modern design. Our designers borrowed elements of more traditional and simple radiator covers such as solid side panels, short feet and front panel upper vents and put a subtle twist on them to modernize the look.

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Starting at $369.99

Charming and whimsical, our Lafayette radiator cover is a playful blend of a handful of classic and ornate American architectural movements. Familiar lines and moldings reminiscent of days past make this radiator cover elegant yet easy to decorate around.

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Starting at $249.99

Looking to save a little money, have a fun project and put your creative touch on a custom radiator cover? We recommend our inexpensive diy radiator cover! The DIY model is custom made but does not have a finish, so it will need primer and paint. You can even stain it - but it won't have a distinct wood grain like most solid wood. It will look more like cork (yup - the same wood as in a wine bottle!) The best part is, because these covers don't have a finish, we can ship them super quickly - usually within a few days.

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Living in a home of heritage vintage likely means that you have radiators! While radiators can be old and ugly, they are our favorite type of heat. They are quiet, comfortable and provide such warmth and comfortable heat. Not only are radiator covers beautiful, they come with other necessary benefits. With radiator covers, you can cover that old and ugly radiator and keep little hands away from layers of old chipping paint that may contain lead.

Our Radiator Covers are all custom made to your specifications and we provide measuring assistance nationwide! We have covered thousands of radiators across the United States and Canada. Do you think your radiator might be difficult to cover? Give us a call, we are the experts!