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Side Table Measuring Instructions

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Side Table Measuring Instructions
Ordering Your Side Tables Is Easy!


All of our measurements are in inches. The measurements you provide us with are the overall dimensions measured at the longest/tallest/deepest point of the side table. The side table's top has an overhang of 1" on all four sides (front, back, left and right) and the wood we use is 3/4" thick. When confirming your order, the website will provide you with two sets of measurements:

Overall Dimensions: length, height and depth of the cabinet at its widestpoints

Footprint: this will be how much floor space the cabinet will require

In some situations, you may want to request to not have an overhang, or to shorten/lengthen an overhang to make a cabinet fit in a tight space.

Orientation: When describing the cabinet, all instructions must be oriented from the perspective of facing the piece. For example when requesting special instructions regarding overhangs or in which direction a door should open.


Measure the overall length of where you would like the cabinet to fit. This length will correspond to how long the top of the cabinet will be from left to right.

TIP: If you'd like this to fit exactly between two walls or in a tight spot, give yourself at least a 1/4" of clearance on each side (1/2" total). Your walls are likely not square and will make the piece not fit.


Measure from the floor up to however tall you'd like the cabinet to be.

TIP: We recommend ordering side tables to be an inch or two shorter than your bed if using them as night stands.


Measure from the wall forward to however deep you'd like the cabinet to be. Remember there is an inch overhang in the rear (and all sides) of the cabinet, so the top will clear your baseboard and touch the wall (if your baseboard is an inch or less thick).


Options will let you tailor the look of your cabinets to match your personal style, functionality and the architectural character of your home.


We offer various configurations of our side tables to offer you as many options as possible.

Open Shelf
An open shelving unit that can be used as a night stand, living room end table or even a compact book case. The cabinet will have shelf pin holes for easy adjustment of each shelf's height. The number of shelves (if any) will be determined by the height of the opening. Please consult the cabinet previews or contact us for more information.
Single Door that Opens to the Left
A cabinet similar to the Open Shelf, but also includes an inset door with silent, soft close hinges.
Single Door that Opens to the Right
A cabinet similar to the Open Shelf, but also includes an inset door with silent, soft close hinges.
Twin Doors that Open down the Middle
A cabinet similar to either of the single door cabinets, but there are two doors instead of one. We strongly recommend this instead of a single door on cabinets greater than 20" in length.


We paint our furniture with high quality industrial coatings that result in a “baby skin” smooth and silky finish that you would expect to find on a high quality piece of furniture. The finish is extremely durable and difficult to scratch or stain under normal household use. All of the finishes have a satin sheen.

Super White (Benjamin Moore PM-1): Our white option is a brilliant and clean white.

Cloud White (Benjamin Moore OC-130): An interior designer favorite, Cloud White has a shade of ivory to add a touch of warmth to the color.

Primer Only: Our primer option allows you to paint the cabinet in any color you choose at home. The cabinet will be primed by us in our high quality primer. We then sand the primer to ensure the best possible finish for you. As soon as you get the cover, you can put your paint brush right to it! Our primer is compatible with all latex or oil based paints. The primer only option is discounted $10.

Other Non-Stock Color: We can match our furniture lacquer to match almost any color manufactured by any major brand including Benjamin Moore, Behr, PARA, CIL, Ralph Lauren and so on. To order your furniture in any custom color not offered in our catalog, simply order the cover and provide us with the color name, code/number and brand. A setup fee of $100 per color applies, in addition to $25 per piece.


For child safety, we include wall anchor straps manufactured by Kidco at no cost with every side table unless you request us not to do so. As an upgrade, we also offer our own quick release wall hardware that is available at checkout for $9.99. The hardware screws into the wall and has a matching bracket that attaches to the underside of the top of the cabinet. The hardware allows easy and tool-less removal of the piece when necessary, however when in place it holds the piece to prevent it from tipping over. This will mount on any side table sold by us provided there is at least a 1" rear overhang, there is a stud behind the cabinet and the base of the cabinet must have a stable footing.

Wall hardware to fasten radiator covers to the wall

Side tables that are shallow in depth may or may not have panels on the sides depending on which options are selected. Certain widths of side tables may or may not have panels on doors depending on which options are selected. To confirm either, use our convenient preview tool that is available in the order form or contact us with your exact sizing and options.

Any pieces of furniture - especially tall and skinny ones - can tip over, especially if you have little children or pets playing around them. Never attempt to climb or tip over any furniture. This may cause damage to the piece and may even damage other property in your home or cause injury to a person or pet. We highly recommend having them fastened to the wall. For your convenience, we offer a quick release hardware kit that will work under most circumstances and is available when placing your order. Visit our
tip safety page for more information.